Community History

History of Churches Run Deep in Farmington


Religion in Farmington dates back to the early 1800s when circuit riders were visiting the settlements from time to time. In 1804, Reverend James Oglesby preached the first Methodist sermon in a log cabin built by local settlers. The cabin/church was built on land given to them by Sarah Barton Murphy.

In 1805, Sarah Barton Murphy organized and taught the very first Sunday School west of the Mississippi. The church and school were Read more »

Throwback Spotlight: Ring Tradition Never Changes


Volume 43, Issue 2
November 23, 1983

Every year juniors face the exciting task of choosing their senior rings.
Although the procedure and tradition has not changed, the style and price of the rings have.
“In 1943 the senior class ring was priced at $18, according to Mrs. Lorene Kollmeyer, a graduate of F.H.S.
The ring had a pearl stone with a Read more »

Throwback Spotlight: PHC – Working With Children (1982)


Volume 41, Issue 5
Friday, January 29, 1982

The Presbyterian Home for Children (PHC) is a place where young people have been coming for decades. There they learn to become whole, responsible people.
PHC first opened its doors for the first time in 1914. It was organized by the Potosi Presbytery and concerted the property of Elmwood Seminary for Girls into the Presbyterian Orphanage for Children of Missouri.
Between 1919 to 1920 the only building to house the original 115 children and 10 faculty members was Butler Hall. To many of these children it became home.
The Home started growing rapidly in the late Read more »

Throwback Spotlight: FHS hosts special Olympics (1982)

Featured in Volume 41, Issue 8
Friday, April 30, 1982

Farmington hosted its first annual Special Olymics on April 21 at Haile Memorial Stadium.
Approximately 250 students from seven schools in the district participated in events throughout the day. Students were eligible to compete in three events. These included the 50 – meter dash, 200 – meter run, 400 – meter relay, softball throw, standing long jump, high jump, wheelchair events, and pentathalon.
Events were run in heats of six people each. Winners were awarded in Read more »

Throwback Spotlight: New Farmington Middle School Coming (1982)

Featured in Volume 42, Issue 1
Friday, September 24, 1982

A new Farmington Middle School is expected to be under construction by January 1983 and should be completed in one year.
The present Middle School houses 536 students. It has housing inadequacies such as small industrial arts areas, the use of an old home for sixth grade art, and an old garage as sixth grade music room. Te new structure wi house 600 students.
Plans for the one-story brick structure with a Read more »

Throwback Spotlight: Long House Displays History

By Tammy McMillen [Retyped by Mattie Bradley]

Everyone who lives in Farmington had surely driven past the Long House many times. The Long House located in Long Park by the swimming pool [currently the Farmington Skate Park] is the first house built in Farmington.

The original Long House was built in 1833 by Phillip Graham and his wife Isabella Murphy Long. Isabella was from the Murphy family, the same family who founded Farmington. “Murphy’s Settlement” was Farmington’s name before it became a city.

The house was first a Read more »

20 Years of Black Knight Television


On March 18, 1992 Farmington Black Knight Television -33 kicked off its first live broadcast to show off and celebrate the opening of the new studio.

The studio was meant to give Farmington students the chance for hands-on experience in the television shooting, producing, directing and editing areas. This studio was one of the first facilities of its type to be built in Missouri.

As the finishing touches were being made on the building, Farmington Read more »

Downtown Centerpiece Since 1927


Many people overlook the history of our town. Citizens walk and drive down the streets of downtown Farmington every day, but do people ever stop and think, “What was here before I was?”

Farmington has had three courthouses through the years. The first courthouse was done in stages as money was available until it was finally completed in 1826. By the year of 1848, the first courthouse became Read more »

The History of News in St. Francois County


The Press Printing and Publishing Company of Farmington was founded in 1929 by two brothers, Cecil W. and John Roberts. This company published the early Press paper and The Farmington Evening Press weekly. This paper was distributed free to the community, and was in competition with the Farmington News.

The brothers continued their partnership as printers, newsmen and a growing office supply division for the next 18 years. However, in 1946, things changed as John chose to take over the Read more »

An FHS Black Knight’s Tale


The silver and ruby Farmington Tigers. Now, that does not sound right, does it? The Farmington High School has not always been the black and gold Knights that they are today.

At the time, the colors were silver and ruby, because back in the early years, all of the football players purchased their own equipment. The boys had bought gray sweaters with a red letter F.

In 1915, Farmington High School acquired its Read more »