More Shurima Skins make their way onto Summoner’s Rift


In League of Legends, there are always talented designers working on new skin ideas to improve the cosmetic look of a champion. The skins are offered in a range of prices, but there are always enough to ensure there is something for every player.

In the 5.8 patch, there have been a few Shurima skins released, the first of which that have been released since Azir made his way into the game. This time it is Risen Fiddlesticks,  Gaurdian of the Sands Rammus, and Gaurdian of the Sands Skarner.

The skin for the jungle lurking scarecrow known as Fiddlesticks is quite a new look for the Harbringer of Doom. This skin changes Fiddlesticks’ model to look like that of a mummy, with very identifiable shurima pharaoh dress on.

Guardian of the Sands Skarner is more or less what you would expect from a desert themed skin for a Scorpion like character. The skin gives Skarner a gold exoskeleton, and Shurima themed particle effects.

Gaurdian of the Sands Rammus  gives League of Legends “armordillo” a look comparable to a scarab beetle. The skins also shares particle effect similar to the ones present in the previous two skins mentioned.

What do you think about these skins being released, or the idea of themed skins in general when it comes to League of Legends? Leave a reply in the comment section below.