On May 12 the Brazilian developer Swordtales will be releasing their debut game by the name of Toren.

The game is an action and adventure title revolving around a young girl by the name of Moonchild trapped in a tower called Toren. As Moonchild it is your destiny to climb the tower through a long arduous and solitary journey so you can find your freedom and purpose within the world. One of the biggest problems Moonchild faces when trying to leave the tower is the main enemy of the game, The Dragon. The Dragon has the ability to petrify any living organism around it making it obviously difficult to just walk on past it out the door.

Through her journey Moonchild must solve puzzles and fight a multitude of monsters, and The Dragon at some point, to release herself. Though the journey of Moonchild is supposed to be an independent and solitary one she receives visions and dreams from the maker of the tower, a man called The Wizard, whose physical body has long since rotted. The Wizard uses these times to tell the character of old civilizations and lore dealing with the tower and the protagonist. It is also said that a long time ago the sun sent a knight to the castle to release Moonchild from the tower Toren, though the fact that she’s still trying to get out of the tower hints that something fishy obviously happened to him on his way.

You can expect the game to be released on May 12 for both the PS4 and PC, but if you’re interested and impatient pre-order is available.