New Technology and Advancements in the High School


As we’re already a few weeks into the school year the students and the school are seeing more of the changes that were made by the bond issue that passed in 2014. Looking back at what that bond issue was going to do for the district were major changes in every school. The high school receiving a new gym, fixing of the roofs in all schools, door replacements, and much more.

The changes the High School students and staff are seeing right now are quite a bit different than what has went on in the past. Every student in the high school has their own individual Chromebook for learning purposes only. This change isn’t only just taking effect in the High School it is taking place in the Middle School, and in Lincoln Intermediate.

The lobby doors in the High School have also changed. It was under reconstruction just about all summer long in order for it to be ready for the fall 2015 school year. A new security system was installed on all doors on the campus excluding the weight room and the wrestling room. This change has alarmed the doors and installed a call in button through the first set of doors in the lobby. In order to get into the school you have to press this button and you will be buzzed into the school.

There was also a new wing built into the school, the tech wing. The portion of the school where the engineering and computer classes are located. The rooms have been made a little larger in order for the young engineers to reach their full potential in their hobby.

Along with the Chromebooks comes another advancement, Chromebook center. A place where students who choose to do so fix the broken or dead Chromebooks during their 5th hour and lunch period. If you go there with a broken, dead, or just forgot at home Chromebook they will give you a loner for the day.