Google Self Driving Car


The Google Self Driving Car is designed to navigate safely threw cities. They are designed to be able to detect objects from two football fields away from any direction of the car. The software that google created enables the car too process all information to help the car navigate the road without getting distracted or confused.

People have many opinions on the self-diving car. Some see the car as a huge advantage. Driving to some is a job, and the see it as a relief. Some elderly people enjoyed the idea of the car because, they are unable to dive themselves, and with the car they would be able o go out again. google put out themselves, that the car would prevent many car accidents. They state, that over 1.2 million car accidents happen worldwide every year, and the 94% of them are due to human error. But, there are people who also disagree with this.

After Google asked Twitter how they felt about the self-driving ca, many negative thoughts came back. Some stating that technology will always find away to fail, and how you can not trust it with your life. Many asked how the car would react with sudden collisions, like animals running across the street. All around people do see the good and the bad of the Google self driving car.

I personally think the google car could be very useful to some. I do see how the car could prevent accidents from happening, but I wonder if someone could really put their life into technology.  Society may not be ready for this step, but the fact that is out there is truly amazing. I still think we have a long way before everyone will have a self driving car, simply because the sound of it is still kind of observed, and for the price.

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