Apple Steps Their Game Up

By Max Burch

Apple has recently announced an update to their existing product line. This includes updates to the Apple tv, ipad, and iphone lines.

The Apple tv is now going to be more of an immersive experience. “It all starts by recognizing that apps are the future of television. HBO NOW, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes — apps are quickly becoming how we watch today. So we built a new foundation around this vision — with a new operating system called tvOS, innovative ways to connect with your screen, and a smart use of Siri to search for something to watch. This is the new Apple TV,” says Phil Schiller”

The new Apple TV also features a new, updated, remote control. This remote control features a touchpad and siri.

Apple also announced the much anticipated Ipad Pro. This new Ipad features a 12.9 inch display, a faster AX9 chip, and four speaker audio.

“iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet immersive experience. And now with its expansive 12.9-inch Retina display, nearly double the CPU performance of iPad Air 2, and refined Multi‑Touch technology, iPad Pro adds another dimension to that experience. It’s not just larger. It’s an iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive — at a whole new scale,” says Phil Schiller.

To go along with the Ipad Pro, Apple has developed Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil will allow the user to create detail like never before.

Apple also released The Iphone 6S and the Ipad Mini 4.

The Iphone 6S has a new processor, 3D touch capabilities, and records in 4k.

The Ipad Mini 4 now has a faster processor and touch ID.