Knights Set for Homecoming 2015


It’s the time of year that all students in high school wait for. The week of school spirit, football, crowning, and floats.

School spirit is something that is a big deal during homecoming week. There are certain themes assigned for each day.

Monday: Slow Moving Day (PJ day)

Movie Character Monday

Tuesday: Take Back Tuesday

Freshman : 50’s (Grease)

Sophomores: 80’s

Juniors: 20’s (Gatsby)

Seniors: 70’s (hippies)

Wednesday: What’s App Wednesday

Class Float Shirt and COLOR WARS

Freshman: white

Sophomores: black

Juniors: Light Blue

Seniors: Grey

Thursday: Time Warp Thursday

Generations Day

Freshman: babies

Sophomores: Toddlers

Juniors: Adults

Seniors: Senior Citizens

Teachers: zombies/skeletons


The theme of this years homecoming is “Knights Online” and each grade level is a different social media site/app. Freshman are facebook, Sophomores are snapchat, Juniors are instagram, and Seniors are twitter. The floats are all based off of the theme and app of the class.

Voting for the homecoming queen will take place a day during seminar next week and will be announced at half time of Friday night’s game. The candiadates from this year are seniors Lanie Lawson, Caroline Boyer, Kelsey Krause, Corinna McFall, Hayley Crites, Katie Scism, Madison Berry, and Kasey Buckly.

After Fridays early dismissal for all schools in the district the parade is at 1:30 pm. The game is at 7 pm with pre-game at 6:30. Hope to see all of you participating in spirit days. Have a safe and fun homecoming!!