Two School Shootings in One Week


In Sioux Falls, South Dakota a school shooting occurred on Wednesday September 30th.

A student whose name was not reveled took out a gun and shot his high school principle in the arm. This happened after they got in a disagreement which then got physical.

The student was tackled to the ground by the assistant principal and athletic director after the shot went off. They then kept him calm and contained until the authorities then reached the scene.

When the phone call was made agents from the FBI, ATF, and several sheriffs, police agencies, and officers with the Department of Homeland Security showed up.

The district hit the panic buttons and all schools went into a mandatory lockdown. Bomb squad was still checking the school midday Wednesday in order to determine the safety of the school.

The school board had yet to determine if school will be in session the days following.The student shooter is now in custody and the firearm has been recovered, but the student has yet to be charged.

Another shooting occured in sothern Oregon on Thursday October 1st at Umpqua Community College at 10:30 am. With 10 killed and 20 injured the shooter was also killed in the shooting spree.

The shooting was contained to one classroom in the sixteen building campus. The campus is approximately 100 acres and has the student capacity of 3,000 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students.

When the shots were fired authorities quickly spread the word and called on residents and students to not enter or leave the campus. Before students were allowed to leave they were patted down in order to secure the safety of the school.