Mowgli Coming back to Theaters in April


The Jungle book will be swinging into theaters on April 15, 2016. This film is not like the Disney classic you may remember. It is a live-action film, not an animated film. It re-tells the story of Mowgli and his friends as they make their way to the man village where Mowgli must stay for fear of being tracked down by the fearsome tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba).

The movie is being directed by Jon Favreau and Mowgli is being played by Neel Sethi. This film will not just have Mowgli in it, but will also have the same characters as the Disney animated classic. Bagheera is being voiced by Ben Kingsley, and Baloo is being voiced by Bill Murray.  Other members of the cast include Scarlett Johannsson, and Christopher Walken. The movie has been written by Justin Marks, and the distributor is Buena Vista.

The story-line is just like the Disney classic. Mowgli is in danger because of the feared tiger Shere Khan. Shere Khan wears scars from humans, and has vowed to destroy any human that may be a threat to him. This danger propels Mowgli into an epic adventure, where he makes new friends and enemies. Just like the classic, King Louie and Kaa are also major characters in this film.

The animals in this jungle book film are animated to look as realistic as possible, and judging by the recent movie trailer, the animators have achieved this task. Many believe that this film will be nominated for many awards, and will be incredibly entertaining. With a spectacular cast, and visual effects, this movie will do incredibly well in theaters.

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