Friend or Frenemy?


Do you have a friend who says something harmless but it actually hurts you? You can’t stop thinking about it, and you start to wonder if you’re too sensitive. Well you’re not, women actually are often directly aggressive with one another as a result of biological competition. Knowing how to tell what she’s really saying and English is a deal breaker.

Here are some of the most common things said that girls often take wrong, and here are how girls should be dealing with them, especially since they may have a “frenemy” on your hands.

She says “you think that’s bad, you should hear what happened to me.” What most girls would hear out of that is her problems are way more important than yours are. If she’s not the kind of friend you feel comfortable opening up to, then maybe she’s not the person you should be turning to during a crisis.

She says “I’ve never had that problem,” and what most girls get out of that is “because you’ve never had the problem then that I’m having then it doesn’t exist.” Your friend is discounting your experience and prioritizing theirs. The best ways to deal with that is to call her out, learn to ignore it, or find a new bud.

Next, she says ” how could you let that happen” and you hear, ” it’s your fault that this happened.” Obviously there are times when that is true. As true as it can be its also not very helpful at all. When you’re talking more serious things and she says that ,then she is not the kind of person you need to have around.