The Burden of being Bullied


As happy as some may seem on the outside there may be many more feelings hiding underneath the surface. Everyday different people experience the worst kinds of feelings; being alone and depression. Eventually they shut down and don’t let anyone in for help or advice.

Stress doesn’t help, the pressure of friends, relationships, school work, and maybe even some people’s family life’s can put a burden on teens and can cause them to shut down even more. The little comments others say defiantly don’t help either. No matter how perfect someone may seem, in reality they may be as upset as ever. They could have thousands of other comments that are constantly running through their heads.

You can probably say you have never bullied anyone in your life and you’d be wrong. The stuff you say will be heard, whether you mean it or you’re joking around, someone will take it seriously. There’s nothing that could be worth joking around about that’s worth causing someone the emotional stress and pain that comes with the burden of being bullied.

With the internet and social media sites, its even easier to take advantage of the weaker people that’s out there, others can hide behind their phones, or computer screens and bash someone else for not being as pretty, smart, athletic, etc. Before you send it, how would you feel it were the other way around? If you can’t send what you’re typing to someone who you respect, then its not okay to be sending.