About KnightLife Online

Since 2011-2012, KnightLife Newspaper at Farmington High School stopped printing its newspaper and moved to a fully digital newspaper. While several of us miss the printed version that started in 1941, the new KnightLife Online allows everyone to read KnightLife’s newest stories anywhere, anytime.

The movement to a digital newspaper also allow staff writers to get the stories to you, the reader, faster. This is much different than when the paper was in print because it cuts out the time of printing, delivery and handing the paper to you. Now you can pull out your phone, tablet, laptop or just sit down at the computer to view our site and our stories.

This site is the second to host KnightLife Online in its short existence. The new layout is designed to give viewers the top stories of interest on the top of the page so that they can see exactly what is new on the site. The new site also features deeper mobile compatibility for easier viewing of the site and its stories.

We hope you come back often to see KnightLife Online’s newest updates.