Android Devices

Step One -

Open the browser on your Android smartphone or tablet and go to any of our sites through the address “”.


Step Two -

Hit the settings/menu button on the phone. This varies on location from device to device. Once you find the settings/menu button, you will hit the star at the top of the menu.


Step Three -

After you hit the star symbol, you will be brought to a bookmarks menu where you can edit the bookmark’s name and even place the bookmark within a folder.


Step Four -

Once you have saved the bookmark, you will back out to your homescreen and go to your apps full menu. Once you are at the apps menu, view the widgets (select widgets at the top of the screen). Then scroll across to find the “bookmarks” widget. Press and hold the bookmark widget to add it to your homescreen.


Step Five -

Select the bookmark you would like to place on your homescreen, and then you are finished. Once you are back on the homescreen, you can press and hold the icon to move it around the page or onto another page within your homescreen.