Apple Devices

Step One -

Open the browser on your Apple device and go to any of our sites through the address “”. Then hit the share button at the bottom of the page. The share button is a rectangle with an arrow coming out (shown below).


Step Two -

Eight icons will pop up where the page can be shared. The second icon from the right on the bottom row says “Add to Home Screen”. Click this icon.


Step Three -

This takes you to the “Add to Home” page. Once there, you can set the title of the icon that you are adding to your homepage. When you have the title set, click add in the upper right corner.


Step Four -

Once you have completed this step, you can press and hold the icon if you would like to move it to another spot on the page or another page within the homescreen. You can also group all of our icons together by repeating this process with each site and then dragging the icons on top of each other to create a folder. For easy use, rename the folder “KnightVision”.